Michael Gaviña
Michael Gaviña is the company's purchasing manager. He is responsible for overseeing the pricing of raw materials and managing inventory levels. He comes from a long line of coffee producers and roasters; growing up Michael always knew he wanted to continue in the family tradition. Representing the fourth generation of F. Gaviña & Sons, Inc.'s coffee roasting legacy, Michael discovered his passion for coffee while spending summers learning about the family business by working alongside his father, Pedro. He first joined the company in 2002 as a buyer in the Purchasing Department.
Since receiving his Q Grader License in 2008 he also works as a resident Q Grader to ensure the excellence of each bag of coffee. He routinely roasts small batches of coffee to help develop new coffee blends.
As a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America, the Roasters Guild, and a board member of the Pacific Coast Coffee Association (PCCA), Michael is actively involved in promoting the coffee industry. This past year the PCCA presented him with the coveted Supporter of the Year award for his efforts in spearheading a Q grader training session at Gaviña's headquarters during the winter of 2009. His hard work and contributions made it possible for the development of the first course offered by the PCCA to prepare members for the industry's most rigorous cupping test. Additionally, all of the members of this training group have since become Licensed Q Graders.
Born and raised in Los Angeles, Michael holds both a Bachelor's and Master's in Business Administration from Loyola Marymount University.
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