Herman Rodriguez
Herman Rodriguez is Director of New Business Development for Aetna Student Health, a business unit of Aetna dedicated to providing student health insurance for colleges and universities throughout the country.
Mr. Rodriguez manages a team of sales executives and new business pipeline to increase annual revenue and new membership growth for Aetna health and dental plans. One of his primary roles is to provide mentorship and training for sales executives with a focus on consultative selling. Mr. Rodriguez states that each college or university is unique, including their student body and health center services offered on campus. Each plan is carefully designed and tailored to compliment the services provided by school health center and meet the health insurance needs of students. In addition, they provide insurance coverage to international students traveling inbound and outbound for their studies and students participating in intercollegiate sports.
Mr. Rodriguez has over 15 years of professional sales and new business development experience. One of his personal goals is to share his knowledge and coach business professionals to maximize their potential. Prior to joining Aetna, he worked for various major insurance carriers and consulting firms. He presently resides and works in the corporate office located in Cambridge, MA. He is a native of Texas where he attended the University of Houston and received a Bachelor degree in Business Administration. He enjoys participating in various volunteer opportunities when not traveling for business or leisure.
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