Junior Achievement Finance Park at the Mike Curb Center for Free Enterprise
6250 Forest Lawn Drive, Los Angeles, CA, 90068
7:00am: Registration
7:30am: Breakfast - Sponsored by Porto's Bakery
Welcome / Keynote Program - Sponsored by Santander Universidades
Embracing Innovation through Diversity
Speaker, Glenn Llopis, CHL Founder
Morning Plenary Session
Why Are Hispanics Effective Managers & Leaders: Revealing the Anatomy of the (6 ) Core Characteristics that Define Hispanic Talent and CHL Survey Results
  Moderator: Glenn Llopis
  Panelists: Armando Azarloza
    Placida Gallegos
    Eric Llopis
    Herman Rodriguez
    Ana Valdez
10:30am: Coffee Break - Sponsored by Don Francisco Coffee
Morning Breakout Sessions
Diversity and the Changing Face of America’s Corporations:  The Next 5 Years!
Moderator: Luis Cuneo
Panelists: Linda Akutagawa
  Tisa Jackson
  Darold Sawyer
  Andrea White
  Isaias Zamarripa
The Power of Our Immigrant Perspective and Vision: Why We See Opportunity Differently and How This Translates into Effective Leadership and New Types of Opportunities
Moderator: Orlando Ortega
Panelists: Miguel Corona
  Esther Higueras
  Jesus Mantas
  Gonzalo Freixes
  Nick Valencia
Making a Mark (Success) vs. Leaving a Legacy (Significance): The Importance of Historic/Cultural Promise in Defining the New Enlightened Form of Hispanic Leadership in the Workplace
Moderator: Armando Azarloza
Panelists: Bill Garcia
  Michael GaviƱa
  Ed Reyes
  Anthony Salcido
  Ana Valdez
12:00 Noon:
Keynote Program -
Andrea White, Chief Privacy Officer
Toyota Motor Sales, Inc.
12:30pm: Lunch - Sponsored by Porto's Bakery
Afternoon Plenary Session
The Role of Employee Networks and what is required to bolster increased participation acculturation and assimilation into the workplace that seeks new types of innovation.
Moderator: Glenn Llopis
Panelists: Luis Cuneo
  Tisa Jackson
  Rima Matsumoto
  Shawntee Reed
  Andrea White
2:30pm: Coffee Break - Sponsored by Don Francisco Coffee
Afternoon Breakout Sessions
Generous Purpose and Latin Passion: Why Leading through Compassion, Humility, Integrity and Hard Work Represents a Competitive Advantage in the New Economy
Moderator: Andrea White
Panelists: Tina Shinnick
  Placida Gallegos
  Bill Garcia
  Domenika Lynch
  Rima Matsumoto
The Hispanic Entrepreneurial Spirit: Why Being Entrepreneurial is Critical to Propel New Types of Innovations in Business & Society
Moderator: Allen Gutierrez
Panelists: Midy Aponte
  Luis Cuneo
  Erich Kreidler
  Joe Kutchera
  Anita-Perez Ferguson
The War for Talent in the workplace: The new ground-rules for talent development, recruitment and retention that are being driven by multicultural and generational influence.
Moderator: Shawntee Reed
Panelists: Linda Akutagawa
  Miguel Corona
  Jesus Mantas
  Joachim de Posada
  Isaias Zamarripa
4:00pm–5:30pm: Networking, Hospitality Event - Sponsored by Santander Universidades
Answer the Summit Question of the Day:  
What Does Diversity & Innovation Mean to You? / Closing
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